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Cricket is played on a large oval-shaped field, with a rectangular 22-yard-long strip of grass in the center called the pitch. One team, the batting team, tries to score runs by hitting the ball and running back and forth between sets of wickets (sets of three vertical posts) while the other team, the fielding team, tries to prevent runs and get the batting team’s players out.
  • The ball can be bowled, thrown, or hit by the bat to the other team’s players, who must catch it or stop it from hitting the ground.
  • A player from the fielding team must bowl (throw) the ball to the batting team’s player.
  • The batting team’s player tries to hit the ball with the bat and score runs by running back and forth between the wickets.
  • If the fielding team gets the ball to one of the wickets before the batting player gets to it, the player is out.
  • After 10 of the batting team’s players are out, the teams switch roles.
Cricket is played in many forms including: Test cricket, One day Internationals and T20.

The most famous cricket tournaments include the ICC Cricket World Cup, the Indian Premier League (IPL), the Big Bash League (BBL) and the Caribbean Premier League (CPL).


Cricket livescore is a real-time update of the score and statistics of a cricket match. It is used by fans, players, coaches, and commentators to keep track of the progress of a game and make informed decisions.

Buaksib provide live cricket score updates. We provide not only the current score but also other important information such as the number of overs played, the run rate, and the number of wickets fallen.

Cricket livescore is particularly useful for fans who are unable to watch a match live. It allows them to stay updated on the progress of the game and not miss any important moments. It also allows fans to make predictions and bets on the outcome of the match.

Overall, cricket livescore is an essential tool for anyone who wants to stay informed about the latest developments in a cricket match. It provides real-time updates on the score and statistics, making it easy for fans to follow the game and make informed decisions.

Cricket Livescore

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